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Hi, my name is Jaime. I live in North Carolina and own a full-blooded female beagle, named Mandy. She's 10 months now (I got her when she was 2 months old).

Mandy was born April 25, 2004. But I didn't get her until July 3, 2004.

For awhile, I had talked about getting a puppy. But my parents said I couldn't unless I had a job to take care of it. In June of 2004, friends of our's had gotten a puppy. It was a beagle mix, and it was so cute! So I begged and begged if I could get one. Finally they said yes. So we called the woman they got their pup from to see about getting one. She told Mom she only had one left. She said it was the runt of the pack, but it was female and tri-colored. Also, that it would cost a little more than what our friends did, because this one was full-blooded beagle. So Mom talked it over with Dad, and they said yes! So we traveled about 3 hours to go get the pup (I didn't want to wait on getting her home). When I first saw her, I feel in love. As soon as I held her, she curled up around my neck, and I knew she would be the perfect pup.

Here's a picture of Amanda Lynn... Mandy, for short.
(Picture taken in July 2004)

(Pictures below were taken just a few days ago)

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